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Tooth Extraction
Irvine, CA

Woman holding cheek due to tooth ache at Irvine Dentistry in Irvine, California.Our dentist at Irvine Dentistry will suggest tooth extractions for our patients only if necessary.

There are many reasons why our dentist would want to remove one or more teeth, with the main reason being decaying or damaged teeth. If the decaying tooth is not removed, it can spread the infection to other teeth or in the blood. We also recommend that our patients with periodontal disease get loose teeth removed.

Many of our patients come for orthodontia, or to get braces. Often, the alignment of teeth is irregular due to the presence of extra teeth or abnormal teeth. We can remove the extra teeth so that when we perform orthodontia, all the teeth align as desired. If our patient comes with a crowded mouth or with milk teeth still intact, we will remove those extra teeth to make room for healthy and permanent teeth to grow.

How Is Tooth Extraction Performed?

We first ask our patients about their medical and dental history to prevent complications. We then take a dental x-ray of our patient's teeth to get a detailed view of how their teeth are placed.

Dr. Christianne Lee will first inject local anesthesia to numb the patient's teeth and then perform the extraction. If the procedure involves the removal of multiple teeth, we might give our patient stronger anesthesia to induce sleep and prevent pain.

In case our patient's tooth is still inside the gum, we will make a small incision and then, using forceps, pull the tooth out by gently rocking it to loosen it. We surgically extract our patient's teeth if the tooth needs to be broken into pieces for the extraction or the tooth is half-broken.

However, our experts perform this surgery so delicately, the patients hardly complain of the pain. We also prevent a blood clot from forming in the patient's socket by asking them to bite on a gauze pad. After ensuring the extraction procedure is successful, we brief our patients about aftercare.

Are There Any Risks Involved?

The most common problem after getting a tooth removed is getting a dry socket, which occurs when the blood clot breaks off too early or does not form in the hole. As a result, the bone is exposed to food and air, causing immense pain. Infection may also develop.

However, the aim of our dental service is to ensure successful treatment. Our dentist is trained to solve every complicated issue.

Another risk is that during the procedure, the teeth nearby can be damaged accidentally. Our dentists use specialized equipment precisely to avoid such accidents. Patients who are older in age or have had periodontal disease require special care during their treatment. Our dentists are adept in working on such delicate cases.

Sometimes, even after extraction, some part of the tooth might remain in the jaw. Our experts only use hi-tech tools to ensure complete extraction of the tooth.

Moreover, we recheck for any tooth remains. Extractions can be scary and painful. However, with our experienced team, extractions are never a nightmare for our patients.

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