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Kids Dentist
Irvine, CA

Young girl brushing her teethGetting proper dental care for your child is now possible thanks to Irvine Dentistry. Many parents do not always know the perfect time to start arranging dental visits for their kids.

However, there is nothing more important than this. Good oral hygiene and proper dental habits should start at infancy, and this is where dentistry for kids comes in. Children's dentistry is designed to ensure that your child's gums and primary teeth stay healthy and free of any decay.

You do not even have to visit our dental office to start taking care of your child's teeth. Even though it will take a few months before the first teeth are out, proper gum care in such a situation will still be needed. For example, we advise many parents to wipe down their kids' gums with gauze. You can also use a soft wet cloth for the job.

As soon as the first primary teeth are out, you will still need to keep them clean using the right tools. The great thing is that we have specialized toothbrushes designed for kids at this early stage of their lives. The brushes have very small heads and would easily fit into their tiny mouth. It is also important to make sure that your kid has their first dental visit before they turn a year old. If this is not possible, at least make sure we have seen the child before they turn two years.

Why Is Professional Dentistry for Kids Important?

Professional dentistry for children can be important for many reasons. First, it is the best way for parents to get professional advice on children's dental care. Children are different when it comes to dental care. The same techniques applied by adults will not work for them. A professional dentist from our clinic will help you learn and understand your child's oral care so that you can do it effectively at home.

Besides, there is no such thing as "too early to see a dentist." Even though primary teeth will go away, that does not mean they should not be afforded the right care as long as they exist. Proper dental care right from the infancy stage may also have positive implications on overall dental health in the future. It is very likely that people who got professional dental care right from the time they were kids will have better dental health as adults compared to those who did not.

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