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Preventing Dental Issues

Posted on 4/11/2022 by Dr. Christianne Lee
Preventing Dental IssuesA great smile is memorable and shows happiness, fun, and confidence, but it does take some work to make it that way and maintain it. Remembering a few crucial tips when taking care of your oral health is essential to keeping your smile looking bright and beautiful. Brushing your teeth every day is critical because it aids in washing away bacteria and germs that are the culprits for gum disease and tooth decay. Brushing your teeth twice a day and not forgetting to brush your tongue will keep your mouth clean, healthy, and fresh. Brushing in the morning is especially important because plaque builds up overnight while sleeping and develops bacteria that can cause bad breath. Adding flossing to your daily oral health routine will also help remove buildup and food between your teeth that are commonly missed during brushing.

Foods That Cause Dental Problems

Specific foods can break down your tooth's enamel and cause tooth decay and other severe dental issues. Beverages like a soda can break down your enamel because of the acid they contain. It is best to try to avoid soda and acidic beverages. If your goal is to have a healthy mouth, candy isn't the best choice. You don't have to stay away from it altogether. But, choose wisely. Chewy and sticky candies like dried fruit, suckers, and gummies tend to stick to your teeth and do damage.

Taking Too Good of Care of Your Teeth

You can overbrush your teeth. Brushing your teeth too often in a day or too long can wear down the enamel and make them more prone to dental issues such as tooth decay. You also want to avoid brushing too hard. This can damage your teeth and your gums. Once your gums are damaged, the tissue around your teeth can get weak and allow bacteria to enter.
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