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Halitosis: Causes and Treatment for Bad Breath

Posted on 12/21/2020 by Dr. Christianne Lee
Halitosis: Causes and Treatment for Bad BreathHalitosis is another name for bad breath. People who have bad breath may experience low self-esteem and embarrassment in social situations. Many times, bad breath may be caused by certain chronic conditions. However, a poor lifestyle and eating choices may also be responsible for bad breath.

At Irvine Dentistry, Dr. Christianne Lee and Dr. Lee can help you maintain a healthy mouth by educating you on good lifestyle habits so that you do not suffer from bad breath.

Causesof Halitosis

Halitosis may be caused by many different things:

Food Choices

Food that have a strong odor like onion, garlic and tea can cause bad breath if you do not brush your teeth or rinse your mouth with an antibacterial mouthrinse after eating. In addition, food that includes sugars can also result in tooth decay and gum disease which causes bad breath.

Crash Dieting

Eating a diet that is low in carbs may result in the production of ketones, a type of chemicals that are formed by your liver. People who follow a keto diet have the unpleasant side effect of bad breath.

Tobacco and Alcohol Consumption

People who smoke or chew tobacco or who consume alcohol may also suffer from bad breath. Smoking and consuming red wine also has the added side effect of tooth discoloration.

Poor Hygiene

People who are not diligent in brushing and flossing their teeth won't effectively remove food debris and plaque from their mouth. This leads to a range of oral health issues and bad breath.

Health Conditions

Certain health conditions like respiratory tract infections and sinus and nasal allergies can also result in bad breath.

Dry Mouth

Dry mouth occurs due to reduced flow of saliva caused by various factors. Since saliva neutralizes the bacteria in your mouth, its shortage can lead to oral health disease and bad breath.

Treatment of Halitosis

Fortunately, we at Irvine Dentistry can treat bad breath:
[[[DIVSTYLE:margin-left:25px|[[[BulletList: Carefully brush and floss your teeth every day and use an alcohol-free mouthrinse when required.

Bad breath can be caused by many factors, most of which are preventable. If you have excessive halitosis which does not go away with simple treatments, schedule a checkup appointment with us by calling at (949) 656-2933 so that Dr. Christianne Lee and Dr. Lee may determine your treatment plan.
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